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About Our Company

In 1999, Dr. Bruce B. Lee, a gynecologist in Monterey, California, devised a new, minimally invasive, out-patient, laparoscopic procedure using a technology called radiofrequency (RF) ablation. The procedure requires two small, ¼ inch incisions, one in the umbilicus for a laparoscope, and one below the “bikini line” for a laparoscopic ultrasound transducer. The thin Handpiece is inserted through small skin puncture sites (which do not require sutures) and is guided with laparoscopic visualization and ultrasound imaging into each fibroid. Low-energy radiofrequency current is directed through the Handpiece into the fibroid, causing destruction of the tumor by heat. The spread of the heat is controlled and limited to the fibroid itself, leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. The treated fibroid is partially or completely resorbed by the muscle tissue around it, causing the overall size of the uterus to shrink. There is rapid recovery and return to most normal activities.

Dr. Lee conducted a pilot study of 58 patients, and subsequently a prospective study of 110 patients. The procedure was very effective in producing resolution of patients' symptoms, reduction in uterine size, and in allowing rapid return to normal activity.

In 2004, Halt Medical, Inc. was founded to develop and manufacture the medical device. The Acessa™ System was designed specifically to ablate uterine fibroids. In three clinical trials, it has been successfully used to treat over 200 patients. Heavy menstrual bleeding and fibroid symptoms have significantly declined, and quality of life has sharply improved.

According to Halt Medical co-founder and CEO Jeffrey M. Cohen, "We are very pleased with our clinical results and the potential to improve the lives of millions of women suffering from symptomatic uterine fibroids. Dr. Lee developed a wonderful, new surgical procedure and my longtime business partner, Dr. Gordon Epstein, designed a fabulous surgical device to easily perform the procedure. We have a great team and a great product that may prevent major surgery and change women's healthcare. It doesn't get much better than that!”